The School for the Blind is nestled in sector 16 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. It began in June 1995 with five students studying from standards 1st to 10th, and today has grown to 58 students (45 boys and 13 girls).

A group of experienced and dedicated people in service are committed to make the difference in the lives of blind children of remote and poor villages.

The children come from the most remote villages and poor areas of urban slums where the blind are sometimes ignored and considered a burden to society. In most cases they have no access to education or skill development facilities.

The school encourages the students to develop their strengths instead of focusing on their limitations. It fosters a sense of family while simultaneously encouraging each child to discover and express their individual spirit.

A true and full education does not happen in a place where students are ‘taught’, but rather in a space of openness, love, and guidance in which learning happens naturally

Our role as staff of the school is partly to prepare the students for an adulthood of self-sufficiency and full participation in their community but is equally to create for our children a home to live out a real childhood…..