The curriculum focuses on training students in daily activities such as taking a bath, washing their clothes, walking on the street with confidence, and going to class punctually and regularly. Learning to read Brail script is also a top priority of the curriculum. The students are encouraged to participate in competitions in Brail script reading and writing.

Also in the athletic arena students participate in cricket matches. The students also go for field trips that embrace the experiential learning technique.

National holidays and celebrations include flag hoisting and competitions that the students prepare for and engage in. Cultural programs and interaction with technology, for both education and entertainment, also color our curriculum.

All these activities, inside and outside the classroom, help support our mission of empowering and building confidence in the student body.

At this time school has 8 full time blind and sighted trained teachers for our grade 1 to 10 students. A full time music teacher is also appointed with a full access of musical instruments and a music room. The students are taught all the subjects using the brail text books. The 10th grade students are scoring average of 70% in the board exams. Each student gets individual care and attention. None of the classes have more than 8 students per teacher.