We always encourage our donors to come and serve at the school to feel that special love and peace by bonding with these kids. The financial support is always important but coupled with personal involvement makes it complete both ways.

Now that we have moved in a huge beautiful building with almost no furniture and equipments, you can help with

  1. Class room benches     30 x Rs. 4000 each
  2. Bunk beds 40 X Rs. 5000 each
  3. Lockers.          80 X  Rs. 2000 each
  4. Sport and music equipments.  Rs. 30000
  5. Table and chairs. Rs.24000
  6. Water cooler.   Rs. 32000
  7. Water filter system. Rs. 16000
  8. A bore well. Rs. 200000
  9. Sponsor a teacher 48000 a year.
  10. Sponsor a fun trip for the kids. Rs. 26000
  11. Vegetable garden. 21000.
  12. Vehicle for the blind students.
  13. Building maintenanace.
  14. Brail library
  15. Computer class with 9 computers.